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"The post has gotten some great traction on our site!" - Stephanie Hackman for The Case Foundation on Landing a Nonprofit Job Starts with the Right Resume

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Capture Your Passion in a Paycheck: Promising Careers for Photographers

It’s hard to find photographers who aren’t passionate about what they do. Perhaps it is the boundless potential of what can be done with photography – and the images that it captures – that inspires such enduring interest. Used to create art, document details or tell a story, photography is both an artistic and scientific medium – unlike any other.

But there are so many ways that photography is used – in almost any industry and location – and it can be hard to choose which career or careers are best suited for you.

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Positive Comments

"A very interesting and informative post. All new aspiring photographers should have a read." - CStGPA

"I thought in taking pictures, it’s enough that you have the write angle of your subject, but I realize it’s not only the “thing” you need to considered. Thank you for this post. Now I’m planning to take a short course in a much broad field of photography." - Photo pop art

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