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"Nice stuff, I like your style. Light and breezy but not glib or shallow. Neat." - Rick Townley, BoomersOnlyBlog.com

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Take Steps Today to Become Your Own Boss

The day I walked out the door from my last job, knowing I was going into business for myself full-time from that day on, was a scary one.  I had built up in my mind that this was a major life change – a point of no return.

To further challenge my resolve, the organization I worked for really wanted me to stay – so much so that my boss created a special position for me, and the president herself asked me to stay.  But I knew that if they wanted me that much, they’d be willing to hire me as a consultant – on my own terms.

That next day, with no routine to follow, felt lonely and scary, even though I knew I was finally going to do what I love every day, my way.  My success or failure was now 100% up to me, and I had bills to pay and people counting on me.

Would I be able to attract and keep enough clients to support myself? What if I took on more work than I could handle? Who could I count on to do the things I couldn’t? What if I made a mistake so big there’d be no way to recover?

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Positive Comments

"Thanks for sharing your experience. This is very helpful and inspiring to recognize that taking the “leap” of self-employment isn’t often so drastic." - Joe - Shakeoffthegrind

"I like your step-through and calling out some of the key considerations that can shape your path, along with things to watch out for." - J.D. Meier

"You’ve offered some great tips and ideas here." - Sue

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