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Careers that Promote Positive Change in Africa

Helping the struggling peoples of Africa can be done through donating money, food, educational supplies, medicine, or even time as a volunteer. A greater impact can be made, however, by choosing a career that empowers positive change over time and brings with it resources that otherwise might not be accessible. The following are a few of the many careers related to international development in Africa that have the power to improve the quality of life of those who do without.

Humanitarian Assistance

  • Relief workers assist families with basic food, supplies, housing, and emergency relief services. They collect, prepare, and distribute supplies, and build or help make arrangements for housing. Their roles may include providing medical assistance, administering life-saving vaccines, and helping with resettlement.

  • Social workers provide emotional support for individuals and families in crisis due to situations like poverty, violence, and illness, give them tools to cope, and connect them with programs that can give them the material and mental health assistance they need.

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