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How to Land (and Keep) a Social Media Job

Much like computer gaming and hacking did before it, social media has evolved over the past 10 years from a pastime to an emerging career field. Companies have come to recognize that discussions about their products are happening online, and it is in their best interest to have representatives engaged in these conversations. Now considered a key component in marketing plans, social media marketing has earned its place in many a corporate budget.

For recruiters trying to fill social strategist positions, though, the process of matching qualified candidates to appropriate jobs is still in its infancy. Though salaries are competitive, with full-time jobs paying from $45,000 to six figures, truly qualified candidates are hard to find – and those that do present themselves frequently fail to give recruiters what they need to sell them up the ladder.

The following are tips for selling yourself as a qualified candidate for social media-related jobs – and justifying your job once you’re employed.

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