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"I like this piece, Ellen!" - Toni Bowers, Head Blogs Editor for CBS Interactive's Tech Republic, about Techie Seeks Nonprofit Job: How to Be a Big, Misunderstood Fish in a Small Pond

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Managing Social Media Marketing from Scratch

Every now and then I post a guest article and here’s a good one by Drea Prentiss of BrainTrack.com External link. In it, she offers 10 tips to get the most value from social media activities. (Whitney Keyes External link)

Driving home the importance of social media marketing to small business owners has proven to be a challenge to its champions. Although the number of small businesses that regularly market through social networks has increased over the years, only about 50% set aside any time and money, and only 12% consider it a must, according to a recent Hiscox survey External link.

You may be one of the enlightened few, however, who see the abundance of business development opportunities in the virtual social interaction frontier, especially when there’s less competition there compared to other marketplaces. If so, then you’re likely looking for ways to better manage your social media marketing activities. Like any marketing campaign, it can be a disappointing vacuum if it’s not done right. So here are 10 tips for small business owners that will help them get the most value out of social media:

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Written for BrainTrack External link under the pseudonym Drea Prentiss as guest post for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer's small business blog External link

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