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"I have to give you... a lot of credit.  I get a lot of requests to post articles... and the content ends up being an overly general mish-mash of info that could be found on a million websites.  This article is original and will add value to my blog." - Lisa Bedford, SurvivalMom.com, said about 10 Careers for the Survivalist. Lisa has been featured on the "The Glenn Beck Show" FOX News, and other television shows and print articles

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10 College Courses that will Change Your Life

When it comes to choosing which courses to take each semester, most students rely on brief descriptions in course catalogs and suggestions from student advisers. There are some courses, however, that deserve a better sales pitch.

Even though many classes may be general education requirements or prerequisites, it is still up to the student to decide which courses to take first. Without a big-picture glimpse of how these courses can have a positive impact on the rest of your life, you might miss out.

The following are some course offerings, available at most colleges and universities, that deserve special emphasis. What they teach you will take you much further than just the completion of your degree. If you take these classes seriously, you’ll learn valuable information and ways of thinking that will contribute to your lifelong success in work, society and family.

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